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Alfresco install on Ubuntu Server 9.04 - What now?

Question asked by oblivian on Aug 4, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2009 by oblivian

I just installed Alfresco on Ubuntu 9.04 through the partner repository and most work very well out-of-the-box. What I am not 100% sure of is what version this is. And whom is maintaing the Ubuntu version? Will upgrades etc. be released through the repository?

Also, in the forums I see many refer to /studio, but I can't see that /studio has been installed, just /share and /alfresco. How do I install i.e. Studio? (Yes, I am new to Java and Tomcat).

Also, I use Apache2 to reverse proxy the Tomcat server to port 80 and 443, but somewhere in the code an image is loaded directly from the http://www.alfresco web site on port 80, making both IE8 and Firefox fail the SSL-connection. (Warnings, popups, etc.). I have search through the human readable code, but the section calling the external image isn't to be found, so probably compiled…

Please advice, and thanks for a killer app!  :D