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Alfresco repository and database sharing prob

Question asked by manu on Nov 20, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2009 by manu

I have used alfresco jcr api with my j2ee application and thru which I am able to do all the operations.But now for administration purpose alfresco web client has to be used so I want to share my alf_data and database with my j2ee application and with alfresco web client (default with alfresco 3.0 labs )which is not happening right now :(.
I am using :
1)  alfresco 3.0 labs version.
2)  Database is mysql 5.0(for alfresco web client & J2ee application)
3)  Alfresco web client with alfresco 3.0labs.
4) Weblogic 10g.

Help regarding this will be highly appreciated…