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Alternative to PATH queries?

Question asked by lyamamot on Aug 5, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2009 by dbachem
I read on the Search wiki page that:
Please note: Path queries will be extremely slow if there are more than a few dozen nodes in the result (even if other parts of the query, for instance on the cm:name, will limit the final result to a single node). Therefore, they should be avoided on large repositories, if at all possible.
Since this is the case, what is a good alternative to PATH queries? What is an efficient query to find all nodes under a particular hierarchy of a specific type with specific property values?

Edit: My last question is awkwardly worded. "What is an efficient query to find all nodes of a specific type that exist under a particular hierarchy, where each node has a specified property value. e.g. Find all cm:content files under Data Dictionary where the value of the title property is [some_title_value]?"