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mlText translation?

Question asked by turchinc on Nov 20, 2009

I would like to maintain metadata for multilingual documents in multiple languages and have come to an impass. Assume I have a multilingual document: "My manual" and a translated version "Mein Handbuch":

Original document:
Name: My Manual_en.doc
Title(en): My english manual
Title(de): Mein englisches Handbuch

Translated document variant:
Name: Mein Handbuch_de.doc
Title(en): My german manual
Title(de): Mein deutsches Handbuch

I want to update the document metadata for both documents, in both languages (e.g. change Title "My English Manual" –> "My New English Manual" in English and "Mein neues englisches Handbuch" in German).

As far as I can tell, the standard process for editing/translating object metadata (d:mltext properties) in Alfresco Explorer is to change the content language filter (e.g. from "english" to "german"). Then the metadata are displayed in German and can be edited.

This poses a problem with a content item that has mlDocument aspect set: When I set the language filter to "german", then I can only see (and update metadata) for the German variant of the document. As a result, I cannot update the German metadata of the English document.

I am missing something fundemental here or is this a use case that is not supported out of the box?