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How to hide 'sites' space in explorer ?

Question asked by sparcle on Nov 20, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2010 by sparcle
Hello !
I'm a newbie in Alfresco. Just have it installed and try to configure for a small team. We use Share for collaboration, but we also use Explorer for store common documents (such as offers and common documentation) - it's very usefull because of WebDav access. The problem is: how can I restrict access to "site" space in Explorer/Webdav ?  By now - I can control who is accessing to my site (in Share), but it is not efficient at all while every user can get full access to all documents of all non-private sites (even if he/she doesn't belong to this site!). I tried to turn off the default setting for "sites" space ("Everyone" has access as "contributor") - but in the result share stopped to work, so I undone it to default.