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Alfresco + Eclipse RCP / RAP platform

Question asked by esafonov on Nov 22, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2011 by mcdaur
Hi, all!
I work for an engineering company, they're looking for an opensource ECM solution. The average company's worker changes 30-50 CAD and MS Office files daily, the company has more than 1000 workers, doing their file intersive job. We're evaluating Alfresco 3.2 CE since this summer.
And now, we have figured out, that Alfresco Explorer Web Client is not ok, for doing such a file intersive work. Test users spend too much time uploading and dowloading, checking-in and checking-out files via Web interface. Some out-of-the-box ways to make work easier are:

SMB access:
SMB access is not ok for us, couse it lacks the Document Management functions. Using MS Windows Explorer extensions and __alfresco.exe is also not ok, as we are not going to lock out to MS Windows platform.

FLEX client:
We'v found a FLEX client by Steve Reiner (
(Steve, if you're reading this: your client is really cool, and we translated it to Russian is a 5 minutes:)
But it seems, that if we add some functionality to Alfresco repository, we have to modify FLEX client code too.
I mean, if we add some business login in Alfresco, we have to change Flex Client code, to add forms and dialogs, and this is a double work. If I'm not correct please post a reply :)

Eclipse RCP/RAP:
now we're looking at possibility to build a custom client, with Eclipse RCP/RAP components. This client should dynamically build forms and dialogs, reflecting any changes programmers made to Alfresco repository,without need to change client's code.

Please, do anyone know any other ways, how to build on quick and efficient Alfresco client, even a technological hint is higly appreciated:),
can you post a reply here ?