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Deploying to Load Balanced Nodes

Question asked by jstano on Oct 26, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2011 by fstnboy
I'm in the process of setting up Alfresco WCM 3.4.5 on a set of new servers.  We have one server for Alfresco + MySQL and two other load balanced nodes nodes which are hosting our websites.  These load balanced nodes need to receive the same content from the WCM server and I'm wondering what the best approach is.

I know I can configure a Deployment Receiver for each node (and even assign them to groups), but the deployment process will be used by a number of business users and I don't want content being accidentally deployed to one node and not the other.

Another approach might be to publish the content locally to the WCM server and rsync it across both nodes, but that feels a bit bloated.

Is there any way to configure a single Deployment Receiver to point to multiple FSRs?