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Web Script Upload

Question asked by ale_carraro on Aug 6, 2009
Hello to everyone. Here is a simple question

Is there a (standard, or "official") web script to use for uploading documents in alfresco (the document manager)?
I'd like something that accept parameters as "filename", "filedata", "path"

I ask this question because:
1) I'm a little unhappy with the upload servlet since it allows the upload of the content without the creation of the node. I could create a node and then use the servlet to upload content stream, but I think than a 1-request solution is better, and it would not be out-of-the-box
2) I found the upload Web Script in the google-gadget web script. I'm currently using that and works well. However it suffer from lack of 'path' addressing of the parent node (only through node id), and I don't know if it is 'official' (it seems bound to 'google' rather than an alfresco std feature)
3) I found the upload Web Script in the projects\remote-api\config\alfresco\templates\webscripts directory but it looks like the siteID is mandatory, and I don't know what is it but my suspect is that is referring to building web sites in Alfresco, in which I'm not interested (I'm using Alf as a 'dumb' file server)
4) I know that I could write my own webscript, so that it would do what I want. Simply, I thought there could be something 'officially supported' and 'out of the box' if there are lesser useful web scrips like those in the previously mentioned directory
Are there some other web scripts to be used as 'CRUD' against the repository?