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Association Multiplicity-Constraint includes archived docs

Question asked by rob2020 on Aug 6, 2009
I'm getting problems with Multiplicity of Associations on my custom content model.

It seems that deleted documents (which get moved to archive) are still being counted as valid documents when the Multiplicy check is done for the association.

I'm assuming that's the issue since when I purge the documents the problem goes away (no more Required source Multiplicity: 0..1 errors in log).

This means I have to purge deleted documents to be able to reimport my docs.

Maybe I can get around this problem by setting

<archive>false</archive> on the source document (haven't tried it yet) - but that seems a shame to lose archiving on that doc type.

Is it normal for archived/deleted docs to be included in Multiplicity checks?  Does that sound correct?