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Tags in share

Question asked by meme on Aug 6, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2009 by gronfelt

I think I've found some issues:

a) Couldn't change details one after another
I had changed details (tags) of an already existing file. After that
I tried to change the details of a second one. The detail are shown
and I can also change the contents. After clicking "ok" nothing happens, except
that the ok-button is disabled. If I close the dialog and try again it works. But after
the next successful change the same occurs again.

b) Copying from one Space into another didn't indices the tags
I had copied a whole directory to another space. All contents are tagged.
The tags are also shown if I visit the folder but they're not shown on the left
side (below Tags)

c) Deleting didn't cleans the Tags

After I had copied the directory I deleted the folder in the old Space. But the
Tags are already shown and also the result count. That means I have the files in a new
space but the tags in the old.

d) Move to another space
I had to do the points above because I can copy but not move the files/directories from
one Space to another. Would be helpful to have such 'feature'. :))

My configuration:
Client - WinXP (IE 7, FF2.5.3, Safari)
Server - Linux (ubuntu), Alfresco Community 3.2 (custom installation on jboss)

yours sincerly