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Flow of WCM content expire workflow.!!!

Question asked by g_rathod on Nov 24, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2009 by kmehta31

I need to check flow of Expire Content workflow out of box. (Alfresco Enterprise 3.1)

I tested like below:
              Note:  I have user A [contributor], user B[Publisher] , user C [Manager]  /  If current time is 2:40pm , scheduler running every 5 minute

             1)  Created content by user A.
             2)  Submitted to staging. [ giving expiration date ] to 2:44pm
             3)  Login as user B, create content submit to staging, edit user A content on 2:44pm
             4)  Scheduler running on 2:45pm [ it shows content locked ]

             So what I have question is If we are submitting multiple files/folders let say 5 files in 1 snapshot.
             If user B modify any of that 5 files, let say file #2.
             Then also it wont expire whole bunch. It only prints on console file is locked , but didn't expire any content.

Can I have clear flow of this workflow of content expiration "?  Also it is not deleting content after content getting expired…