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Feasability of Community ED and pricing of Enterprise ED

Question asked by magnusfs on Nov 24, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2009 by magnusfs

I have tried to read forum-posts in order try to find an answer to my question, but without success. I am grateful for your answers to my inquiry.

I am wondering if anyone can explain my how feasible the community edition is for people who want to use Alfresco for document sharing. It says that it is for "Developers and Technical Enthusiasts for Non-Critical Environments". Does it mean that it is unsuitable for end-customers? I am putting the information we traditionally have used folders and word-doc's to organize in the Community Edition, but it is really several bugs there and I am wondering if this is only the start, and if it is useless in the long run? 

We are a fertility clinic with about 10 persons. We need a system for sharing clinical guidelines. Alfresco seems to handle this job very well, but the pricing for the enterprise version puts it out of our reach (Annual cost 16125€). I am trying to correspond with sales about a different pricing alternative, but the lack of response makes me ask here instead.

What I really need is to know if the community edition is something that people actually are using as described, or if we need the Enterprise version. And if we need the Enterprise version, does it exist any pricing options that suit a company of our size.

Best regards

Magnus Finset Sørdal
Medicus AS