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use workflow defined in java

Question asked by gokceng on Nov 24, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2009 by gokceng
Hi everyone,
It is the first time I'm using workflow. Before, I've created my own but now I need to use built-in workflow capabilities of Alfresco. That is the scenario:
1. After I've started Alfresco server, I will run a Java class. That class includes space creation, group creation and permission settings of these groups on these spaces. They are all done.
2. Now I need to define a simple workflow in Java. I couldn't find any example. I want to create something like that:
Whenever a document uploaded/created in a space -let's call it as Sapce1-, assign that document to a group. That is it for the java part.
3. I've seen on the web-client part of the Alfresco that if we have defined Approve/Reject like workflow for the document, after assigned user selects Approve or Reject that document automatically acts according to defined workflow. Here's my problem: How can i make the decision on the javascript side? I mean via a GUI like Flex, user sends approve message, how can I execute 'approve' on the document? With which command/function?
Thanks a lot…