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Missing node uuid in nodeRef while calling copy-to API

Question asked by lelejill on Aug 7, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2009 by lelejill
Hi buddies,

Just met a problem while using Alfresco out of box Rest API: copy-to function. 

By invoking copy-to API:

In Alfresco Labs v3.2.0, I can copy document or container to destination space successfully, but the return results are little bit different between them.

Copy container can return uuid of new copy, copy document cannot.

I notice that there is because the input parameter are different in copy method

Code snippet of

   // copy the node (deep copy for containers)
        if (fileNode.isContainer)
               result.nodeRef = fileNode.copy(destNode, true).toString();
               result.nodeRef = fileNode.copy(destNode).toString();

After using the same call method as copy container, I can get uuid of new copies for both container and document. :D

However, this does not work in Alfresco Community v3.2.0.

It’s urgent and I really want to get the node uuid of the copy from the return result in Alfresco Community v3.2.0.   :(

Any help will be appreciated!