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File replication and/or index refreshing problem...

Question asked by usuf on Nov 24, 2009

I am in the file replication configuration stage of setting up 2 servers in a cluster. One is located at head office, the other at a branch in another city.
I'm using Alf community 3.2 on fedora 10 machines with multicast running and index rebuilding set to AUTO every 5 seconds. There is a VPN running between both servers.

The branch office uses head office's mySQL database & both have shared directories which I have set as the "network content store" in replicating-content-services-context.xml

The problem occurs anytime Head office either creates or alters a file. If head office creates a file, all that will be available at the branch is the file name, & when I click on the file to view it in a browser, I get a "nodes content is missing" error.

Webdav example: I upload a piece of content to my webdav folder (located in company home in head office), and I am able to view the content in a browser on both the head and branch offices.

I will then add a description to the file at head office, and at the branch I get the "nodes content is missing" error.

Does anyone know what the problem might be, or if I have failed to correctly configure index refreshing??