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Jommla 1.5 with Alfresco 3.2R2 not working

Question asked by edugs on Nov 24, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2011 by rajshekar
Hi Friends!!!

I'm showing this error message when you access the menu created to list the folders:
404 - Could not connect to server : Not Found

In Joomla adminisration´s console, specifically in components>Afresco I added Alfresco data:
Name:  Alfresco_test
Server: http://localhost:8080/alfresco
Share: http://localhost:8080/share
Username: admin
Password: admin
Published: yes

In menu> main menu i added a new entry and at Internal link >Alfresco>Repository >Spaces
In menu item details I added the information about link´s name.
In selected space i choose Alfresco_test which is the name i gave to it, as i show you in the configuration above.
But when I go in the front-end, the link created, the message error 404.

I've made the changes suggested in the link:
Change any occurrences of <?= to <?php echo, in the following files mysite/components/com_alfresco/views/folder/tmpl/default_files.php and default_folders.php

But even so he is still with errors.

Any friend can help me?