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Methodology to build Alfresco application in 10 steps

Question asked by jck on Nov 24, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2009 by jck
Hi all,
this post aims at providing the Alfresco developer a methodology to build powerful Alfresco application in 10 steps, and in 10 days. The project developed hereafter to explain this methodology is the track of a real one. Feel free to add new requirements to extend the use case.

Step 1 - Define the requirements :-)

This tutorial aims at developing a project to attach metadata to scanned or uploaded document through adaptative forms and multi-role workflows. Moreover, according the chosen content-type, used workflows may vary. This application can be used with any scanner (even the one at 40 Euros :-) + Alfresco and the resulting application is finally a kind of digitization chain.

All kind of documents may be processed. For the sake of the demonstration, we can imagine to process following kind of documents:
* bills, invoices
* holidays requests

Do you think about other features or content-types?
Any comments?