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SPN doesn't auth in an AD Realm inside a Cluster Enviroment

Question asked by rpinheiro on Nov 24, 2009
Hi folks,

I'm trying to make an Alfresco Cluster authenticates against A.D. using SSO features, so i'm having troubles in that, basicly i'm reusing the alfrescohttp AD user account from other Alfresco SSO enviroment that i've made before. The SPN (servicePrincipalName) and the UPN (userPrincipalName) was respectively "HTTP/" and "HTTP/", now i've added two new SPN's associated by this user (alfrescohttp) for reusing in this new cluster what i'm making, so the two SPN ("HTTP/", "HTTP/") were well created (No errors in AD) and i generated the keytab for both and the bootstrap didn't work well.. instead of printing the stack trace i'd rather say that i've tried to do an test with the "kint" MIT utility tool for authenticating these users but it failed too… I don't know which special thing i have to do in AD configuration for getting it to work… :?

Any idea?