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Web Services over https (SSL)

Question asked by lcjr2002 on Oct 28, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2011 by lcjr2002
We are using the Alfresco Community edition 4 and we really like all the functionality that Alfresco brings. We are considering moving to the paid version of Alfresco. However, we have run into an issue that is a definite deal breaker. Our team (we are all developers) is having a very difficult time with web services over SSL. We purchased a certificate issue by a public CA (Verisign) and configured Tomcat and Alfresco to work over SSL (https). No problem. Now we need to interface with web services over SSL and that is not working. We have tried coding in NET and Java and we are unable to use web services over https. We can't find any documentation anywhere on how to accomplish this. This is a deal breaker for us in moving to the enterprise version of Alfresco. Can someone please provide instructions on how to use the Alfresco Web Service API over https? Thank you.