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Copying content in AVM repository

Question asked by jose2 on Nov 25, 2009
Hi all,

We are developing a customized workflow, and one of the tasks associated consists in copying the content (in AVM repository) related to the workflow into another web project.

The problem is the destination path of the copied content. We succeed at copying it but we don’t know how to specify the correct path.

If we use:

                  String destPath = "webproject–admin:/www/avm_webapps/"
     NodeRef destRef = AVMNodeConverter.ToNodeRef(-1, destPath);
     crossRepoCopyService.copy(pkg, destRef, name);   

The content is copied into a new folder structure: “name/avm_webapps/ROOT/” placed in the web project.

We tried to copy the content at “webproject–admin:/www” in order to place it at “name/” but with no results.

¿Any clues on this subject?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english.