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Cascading drop down

Question asked by glaenen on Nov 25, 2009

I have implemented the cascading drop down code by Jean Barmash (replacing the lucene search with an sql query),
the dependency works as explained.

Only I have a problem adding a third drop down menu.
The value list of the third drop down is dependent on the selection in the second one.
As long as I actually make a selection in the second drop down there is no problem.
(the selected value is submitted by the onchange and the constraint of the third drop down picks up the value)
However when the first value in the second drop down is the correct one and I don’t touch the second drop down is it not the shown value
but the previous one that get picked up by the constraint of the third drop down.

Or when the query result for the second drop down only contains one item I can not trigger the onchange
and I need to click ok and reopen the edit properties page to get the correct value in the third drop down.
This I could resolve by replacing onchange by onblur but it is not a very nice solution.

Is it possible to cast the actually shown value in the constraint instead of the one the currentNode contains?

Hopefully my explanation is clear to you