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How to create reporting status of document page on Alfresco

Question asked by luckyo on Aug 9, 2009
Deae All,
         Question : How about  the implementation another module for reporting status document in Alfresco ECM.  :D
         (Alfresco 3.2 CE)

         I have to implement about reporting page on Alfresco 3.2 which it displays what document is created , updated or edited in Alfresco System by Time Criteria.

         In my idea, I will create another page for handling this requirement.

         This is some step that I have idea to do =)

         1.  This page will query "Lucene Service" for retrieving document. ( Detail will be used in this is, ticket that it gets form authentication )
         2.   And I will display it in this new page.
         So, This is the idea that i have in my little head. T^T . If it cannot be this way. Please suggestion me na krub ^_____^
         Thank you in advance and Thank a lot of tons. =)