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Share sites persist even after db dump, alf_data wipe

Question asked by tgmweb on Aug 9, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2009 by tgmweb

Got a weird problem where my share sites seem to persist even after dumping the database, clearing out alf_data and even restarting the server.

The actual sites don't exist, but when I do siteService.createSite("site-dashboard","blank"); I get an error saying the shortname blank already exists. Funny thing is, that code is wrapped in:
x = siteService.getSite("blank");
if (x==null) {
x = siteService.createSite("blank");

so - it can't find the site, but still gives me an error when I try to create it!!!

Is there another place where site names are pesisted in some sort of file?