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Connecting Alfresco to Oracle 11g on a RAC server

Question asked by rootcd on Nov 25, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2012 by colindstephenson
Does anyone have any experience connecting Alfresco to an Oracle 11g DB on a RAC server. I'm getting errors when using the below connection string.

("jdbc:oracle:thin:@edhusracd001-vip:1521:alfd01", "uname","pwd");

The TNS listener is expecting a Service_name and what is being sent is a SID

I'm getting a "SID not recognized" error. From this same server, I can sqlplus to the database, and my dba has confirmed that the connection string above is accurate. I've also written a little java app that only tests db connections, and I can connect to several 10g DBs, but get the listener error when trying to connect to 11g DBs.