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Associations on document type and property values

Question asked by nikes on Aug 10, 2009
Hi All,

I have document type A, B, and C.
All three types are having common property say docID.

I have defined peer to peer association amoung all three types, so if I upload document of any type it displays list of all other document types.

What I am doing is….

I upload document of type A, with property docID value 100.
I upload document of type B, (which is having same property docID) value 100.
Similarly for document type C, docID value is 100.

Now what I want is….

When I see associated document list in document details of type A, having property docID = 100, it
should show only those documents of type B and C with docID = 100.

Is this feature available out of the box? or is it configurable in any xml?

If not, what type of customization I will have to carry out?

What I experience is a list of all related document based on type only, instead of type and property.

Thanks for any help,