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Reach a folder structure from multiple locations

Question asked by mkieboom on Nov 2, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2011 by mkieboom
Hi there,

At this moment I'm creating a hierarchical structure with folders in the sites we created.
However I was wondering if it is possible to reach a node or a nodes structure from different sites.
Let me make it more clear

    Site 1
    - Folder 1
      - Folder a
      - Folder b
    - Folder 2
    - Folder 3
    Site 2
    - Folder 1
      - Folder a
      - Folder b
    - Folder X
I want to know if it is possible that when I add a new file/folder within Folder 1, from Site 1 or Site 2 that it is vissible at both locations.

Thanks a lot, kind regards