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Getting roles while submitting content

Question asked by dynamolalit on Aug 11, 2009

I have a requirement that states when a user (content creator,or editor,or publisher) submits some content by creating label,as per his role,he should be able to see some agreement conditions & he has to select a check box to agree to those condition.Only after selecting the checkbox,he can submit the content from user sandbox to staging sandbox.
                                                                          Here i can see that the jsp used for this is "submit-dialog.jsp" under "../jsp/wcm" which includes "titlebar.jsp" under "../jsp/parts" & "titlebar.jsp" is showing user name on top banner on Alfresco web-client & can see user name also which is got from NavigationBean as "NavigationBean.currentUser.userName".But i can not see any role related stuff so that i can get the role & fulfill my requirement to show different agreement conditions as per user's role.
                  Can anyone help me in getting the same to get role also?