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Alfresco 4 - CIFS

Question asked by lusitano on Nov 3, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2011 by mrogers

I have installed an Alfresco 4 with CIFS.
When I go with my Windows Explorer, I get to the root of "Sites", perfect !
But I have a folder "surf-config" who doesn't suit me … My questions are:
- What is it?
- Can I remove it?
- Is a problem if I change the permissions (available only for admins)?
- Can I filter "file system"?
- What is the best solution?

Always with CIFS, I would like to locate directly in "documentLibrary" for each "Site", I don't want to see the structure (blog, etc …) but only the documents (document library) …
Is it possible? Can I do "mappings"?

Thank you in advance for your answers   :D