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Alfresco+Drupal Design/Solution dilema

Question asked by ojio_bis on Nov 27, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2012 by jtorresi
I am working on a system which is a custom CMS through which a user/author can submit articles  and this will be pulled in and displayed in a public website. The article content may be entered by a author or it can be feeded to system as XML. System has it own taxonomy of  category and section. 

We are planning to migrate this system to alfresco-drupal model where alfresco will be  the repository and drupal will be the presentation layer and CMIS (possibly) will be the  content services layer.

On the authoring side we have bunch of CRUD usecases for data like author,article type,publisher,source etc..
All these data are related with an article (is-a/contains/peer) relationships. Also an article may contain
images or other docs like PDF/DOC.

The chance of modelling the above article usecase that I can think of was,
   1, Model every other data/META-DATA like user,author,publisher as content custom type by extending sys:object.
      The article custom content type will refer/relate these custom content types.
   2, Have these META data defined in the relational DB and refer this in article content type as String property.

As I am very new to content world and alfresco, I am not able to decide which will be best in terms of flexibilty and performance or any other NFR that I can't think of.

The other challenge being, I am still confused whether I should go for DM/WCM. The reason being I am planning for a custom
interface with custom workflows as Authoring guys are non-technical and they want some intutive ways to author articles. 

The way I am planning is once  the data entry happens, the data will be stored in repository (META data + content stream).
This node will be synched with Drupal thro CMIS link through a periodic cron. When drupal wants to display  an article
it access the content thru CMIS link and get the data as XML as transform this as HTML through an XSL transformation.

The confusion here is, I need to manage some static docs like PDF, Image and doc (DM fits here greatly) +
authoring + workflow (WCM fits here but I am not going to use publication or sandbox) +  administering
meta data(user/articletype/author/publiser etc..) ( DM or DB).

Environemt : Alfresco Enterprise 3.2/Jboss 4.2.3 GA/JDK 1.6/MySQL

Sorry for this exhaustive question, but I am struggling for conclusion even after going thru jeff's book :)

Any other suggestions for  frameworks/solution accelerators are welcome for custom UI. I went through surf, but seems to be more oriented towards WCM.  ( I may be wrong here).