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line spacing & dashlet length re-sizing issues

Question asked by renahan on Nov 3, 2011
I'm a coop student with my company, which is attempting a transition off of proprietary software to open source. With that I have been experimenting with Alfresco Share 3.4.d, 4.0.a and other products to replace our corporate portal.
So far I've found Alfresco to be the best choice! To make it even better I'd like to resolve a couple minor issues that I have not been able to find information about within this forum or anywhere else.

First with Alfresco 3.4.d, when I use the Wiki editor it starts off without any amount of line spacing. But when I begin to space out my lines of text it increases the space between lines, doubling the length of the text. I tried saving and reopening the editor to see if it was a small glitch, but it's a consistent occurrence. Unfortunately, there isn't an option in the toolbar to manually change the amount of spacing between each line. Any ideas or tricks?

Secondly, with Alfresco 4.0.a & b I have discovered that when you try to re-size dashlets, the bottom bar will move but the content remains where it is and a scroll bar does not appear. I noticed it when I was checking out 4.0.b and I tried restarting the system, but that didn't help. Next, as I am using a virtual machine, I restored the system image with 4.0.a installed, but the same thing occurred. I found the same glitch reported back in January as an issue (, but my issue is a little different. All of the dashlets, regardless of their position on the page will not re-size correctly. Am I alone with this experience?