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Questions regarding the Upload New Version functionality

Question asked by elocin on Nov 27, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2009 by elocin

I have a few questions with regards to the upload new version functionality. We have had Alfresco installed for 2 months and thus far, I have identified the following as potentially problematic when we roll this out to ALL our users.

All of the below are experienced while working on Share. If anyone has experienced any of these or has some idea as to what is happening, i would be most appreciative of your feedback.

1. Some users are being re-prompted to enter their credentials when they click on upload. This is only seen in Firefox and has only started happening recently i.e. it did not always do so, it also does not happen for all users.

2. Often, the upload shows as failed, but when i go to the version history, the upload did actually take place. It does not seem to be consistent either

3. .docx files, etc (so anything from MS Office 2007) does not display properly in the document preview - is there a fix for this or must i ask users to only save their docs in the earlier format

4. why does the "upload new version" button display by default, this seems counter intuitive to document management, surely the button should only be visible IF you have selected to "edit offline", hence the button will only be visible to the editor, within the "I'm Editing folder"?

5. if the answer to point 4 above is that the button should be there (I don't quite understand why though, the only instance you want to upload new version should be if you have edited doc) is there anyway I can hide the button from view, only visible to the editor?

Thank you very much.