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Question asked by gabriela on Aug 11, 2009

I've just installed Alfresco, Enterprise Edition, and according to documentation,I should find this archive on the Afresco page.

[size=85]Download the extension samples
Each Alfresco distribution includes a download containing sample extensions, such as the repository
properties. You can use these sample extensions if you wish to configure Alfresco.
1. Browse to the Customers or Partners portal.
2. Log out of the Guest Home space, if necessary.
3. At the Login prompt, enter your user name and password.
Alfresco Explorer launches in your Home space.
4. Choose Company Home > Downloads > 3.1 Releases > 3.1 Enterprise > Installation Files >
Alfresco DM.
5. Select and download one of the following files:
• (Windows)
• (Linux) alfresco-enterprise-sample-extension-3.1.tar.gz
6. Specify a location for the download.
The extension samples are available for you to configure.
Once you have downloaded the sample properties files,copy them into the shared classes location, for
example <TOMCAT_HOME>/shared/classes/.

This is an extract from installing_configuring_alfresco_ecm3_1.pdf.

I haven;t found this archive so far for downloading. hope you can help me with that.
Thank you.