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How to restore large data from many distant places centrally

Question asked by ashokharnal on Nov 4, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2011 by ashokharnal
We have Alfresco 3.4 community edition installed at many geographically distant places. At each place the repository size varies from
20GB to 50GB. We intend to backup and bring all this data at a Central archival unit to facilitate search. All the
various places have the same content model and aspects.
The two options at the Central place are:
a. Have one Alfresco server at the archival unit for each of the places and restore the data into it. Thus
    there will be as many Alfresco servers at Archival unit as there are places.
b. Create a Multi tenant structure with one Alfresco server catering to many repositories with each one holding
   backup of one of the places.

As to the multi-tenant solution that does not seem possible because while I am able to create
a large ACP file (of size, say, 40GB), I am unable to import it into a tenant. Reasons for failure
to import (even locate) this file through Alfresco Explorer are not clear.

So the only solution appears to be install many Alfresco servers. But his will consume lots
of resources and space.
Is there some other solution possible? I will be very grateful for help.