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Change Request Workflow -- Content Expiry

Question asked by davix on Nov 4, 2011
Hi All,

I was experimenting with Alfresco Content Expiry wanted a few inputs.

Current Functionality

Whenever content is submitted to the staging sandbox, there is an option to set an Expiry date for the asset. A batch job, which can be scheduled to run everyday, scans the entire Alfresco repository for expired content. Whenever expired content is found, the "Change Request" workflow is triggered. As part of this workflow, the expired asset is sent back to the "My Tasks" of the person who last worked on the asset.

Required Functionality

Instead of the expired content going back to the person who last worked on the asset, we want the asset to go to a specific user ID's "My Tasks". Only that ID should have the authority to deal with expired content.

Methods Tried

I edited the changerequest_processdefinition.xml [located at /tomcat/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/workflow] and changed the <actor>#{bpm_assignee}</actor> to <actor>expiryUser</actor>. Didnt work.

I thought #{bpm_assignee} was to be replaced with some number [most possibly the rank of the username when sorted alphabetically]. So I created a new user with name "aaaaaaaaaa" and tried with <actor>1</actor>. Didnt work either.

As mentioned, my only requirement is to get the expired content to go one user for approval rather than going to the user who last worked on it.

Thanks !