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Alfresco and Scalix Webmail on the same machine

Question asked by sparcle on Nov 27, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2009 by mrogers
Hello !

Has enybody installed Alfresco and Scalix mail server on the same machine ?

I'm traing to run these two applications on my serwer. I have read in the Internet that I can have several instances of Tomcat running simultaneously if I change the ports of each one to avoid conflicts.
Ok. I have installed Alfresco (Linux bundle) and moved it successfully on port 8180. By now - I can login to Explorer and Share on this port and everything seems to be fine. After that - I installed Scalix (also Linux bundle, with it's own Tomcat instance). So I think I have following situation:

1. Alfresco (Explorer and Share) on port 8180
2. Scalix webmail on port 8080

Unfortunatelly by now I can run only one of these applications at the time (mail server works correctly, but Webmail not). I can stop Alfresco and then start Scalix-Tomcat so I have Webmail working or I can stop Scalix-Tomcat and start Alfresco.

Because I'm not a Linux guru - I would rather like to avoid install everything manually, although I realise that two Tomcat instances take more server resources than one. I know Alfresco has built-in it's own mail server, but I have read on this forum that it's turned off by default. I did not turned it on.

Has anyone installed these two application with success ?