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Add Contentless metadata in alfresco

Question asked by ojio_bis on Nov 29, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2009 by ojio_bis
I have a use case where I have a articletype as meta data for an content article.
This meta-data is not a fixed one and I need to some screens to manage this(create/read/update/delete)
I see there are three ways here.
1, Design lookup values for a piece of metadata in the content model as a typed list(Constraint).
2, One way to design is to store the articletype in relational world.
3, Model this meta data as content-less content model

The first solution will be less flexible as this meta-data needs to be managed. The second is simple and straight forward.
But I was planning to see if I can model this as content-less content model.

My Question is what will be option in alfreso web client / share to create screens to manage this model (with/without customising).

Can ECM forms can be used in this case?