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Lotus Notes like application

Question asked by zokstuzla on Aug 12, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2009 by norgan
Hello all,

Is it possible to build Lotus Notes like application on Alfresco platform ?

I would like to have system where every document has to be connected to the client or company, meaning I have to have some register of clients and companies.
Then I would like to have different views of the documents, for example to see the alphabetical list of clients and then for each client to see its documents.
The other view would be to see documents by type, then by date , category or so.

Second important thing is possibility to include Metadata inside the document content, meaning that when user creates a new type of document , some internal editor is open, displaying template content, and also allowing user to enter metadata directly into the document.

And the last thing is possibility to get metadata from external sources ( for example Clients, Org.Units would be in Oracle database tables ).

So, what would be the best and fastest way to develop such kind of application on Alfresco ?

Thank you ,