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Alfresco branding and trademarks?

Question asked by gronfelt on Aug 12, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2009 by zladuric
I'm trying to get my head around the licensing terms and just want to see if I'm getting it right.

What I'm looking at is providing an Alfresco-powered service to a third party customer. This means that I will not redistribute any binaries to the customer, I will run Alfresco software on my servers, allowing the customer to access the service. As far as I understand that means that I'm not obliged to publish any modifications I make to the software (I'm not saying that I won't do that anyway, but I'm just trying to get the facts straight here). Is that right?

When it comes to branding and trademark there are basically two possibilies here, if I understand things correctly:

1: I make no modifications to the software, I simply install and run it. In that case I must not remove any Alfresco trademarks, right? Does that include branding, such as logos?

2: I make modifications of some kind, in which case I must not keep any Alfresco trademarks, but instead must provide a text stating that this software makes use of Alfresco code.

Am I getting it right?

The next question then would be: What is considered a modification of the software? Clearly any modifications to the source, prior to build would be considered changes to the software, but what about adding or modifying components or visual elements after building the source?

Say for instance that I remove or replace the Alfresco logo and change the color scheme of the Share client, am I allowed to do that and what would the impacts be when it comes to the trademarks?