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Inviting web users programatically with JAVA

Question asked by marutiprasad on Nov 30, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2011 by romschn

I want to invite users to several web projects in alfresco. I have

    -  Defined the top level Roles and Groups in a property file. Like (ContentPublisher=My_WEB_CONTENT_APPROVERS) and making a MAP<String,String>();
   -  For a AVM store I am using the below code to invite web users/group.
                  _storeNodeRef, _groupRoleMap, true);
   but in web client it is not showing the sandbox for other users and no updates in the project users message. It is showing the default "One user is working on this project".

any help would be appriciated.
Maruti TM.