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Cluster AccessDeniedException

Question asked by luca on Nov 30, 2009
I have a cluster of two Alfresco installed, but sometimes I get AccessDeniedException tryng to access to a folder.

1. This folder is created through web services and also the permissions are added through web service few minutes before into one cluster node.
2. The permissions are added trough web services to the same node.
3. If I access to the folder logging to the other node I get AccessDeniedException, if I access to it logging to the node where I create it, I get no exception
4. If I access as administrator I see that the permissions (user in the group, and group associated to the folder with role) are correct
5. If I wait one day and I let running the jobs schedulated at night, the next day the problem is solved

I think that is a problem related to the synchronization of the Lucene Index or the cache between the nodes of the cluster and that some job re-synchronize and solve the problem.

What can I do to be sure that the nodes are synchronized?

I'm using Alfresco 3.0