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Transfer Service for a Collaborator?

Question asked by qyf on Nov 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2012 by pwdev
Alfresco version: 4.0.b

I created a custom action that uses the transferService2 to transfer a node (folder or file) from the repository to an remote File Transfer Receiver (FTR). I created a rule that triggers the action whenever a file under the node is updated. This setup works fine as long as I log in as the site manager. However, it doesn't work for a collaborator. When the collaborator user modifies a document (under the node) using Share's Inline Edit and clicks the Save button, the UI appears stuck (no response). If the user clicks the Cancel button, the user is returned to the document page but the document is corrupted from that time on. The FTR console keeps scrolling saying something like "processed command…"

So my questions are
1. Is this a bug or is it caused by security?
2. Is it possible at all for a site manager to set up such a transfer for collaborators?

Thanks for your help.