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SSO with mod_auth_cas

Question asked by matthias on Aug 13, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2009 by dward
Hi all,

I successfully configured v3.2 with LDAP and multi-tenant support. Now I want to archive SSO with mod_auth_cas as described in , but it doesn't work.

- I can login with and the user password
- I've configured Apache to proxy Tomcat via mod_jk and a AJP connector.
- in server.xml tomcatAuthentication="false" is set for the AJP connector (to use Apache's authentication).
- I've done the changes to web.xml as described in the wiki.

I still can't login ("You are not authorized to use Alfresco"). Do I need to configure something else? Rewrite Rules? Any hint on this?

Thanks in advance!