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Choosing from popular tags in Share

Question asked by dwinfield on Aug 13, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2009 by dwinfield
I tried searching for this, but did not have much luck (terms I used was "popular tags").

In my site, we've been using the links section a lot (to sort of get us off of using delicious).  However there's a problem when choosing a popular tag from a site when you edit the content in a popup window.  An example of those popups are when creating a new event in the calendar or editing the meta data directly on the document library page.

If the list of tags takes up enough room so that you're sorta caught in an endless loop of scrolling down.  Here is an example of what I mean (i didn't embed the image because it made the post very large).

When you scroll down, the popup scrolls down as well.  So you can never hit ok/cancel (or for that matter try to NOT choose from popular tags).  The only way I know to get out of this, as a user, is to hold down ctrl and - to shrink the page smaller and smaller, hit "ok" or "cancel" and pray that doesn't happen again.

Versioning, I'm at 3.2 community edition.

Edit:  I really like the tag selector found on the full page of editing the metadata.  Especially because it handles hierarchy.  Nice work!