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Surf and SpringMVC

Question asked by darryl_staflund on Dec 1, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2010 by darryl_staflund
Hi all,

Our development community here in Alberta have been talking about Alfresco Roadmap for 2010 – in particular the move to Surf and SpringMVC as a development platform.  This is good news, but I am left wondering how SpringMVC and Surf will interact with each other.  Can anyone give an explanation or provide an example on how to two will work together?

Here's what some of us were speculating:

    i)  SpringMVC will be used to develop controllers on the client-side of a
        distributed application. It's fairly mature and supports
        the development of wizards.  It also hooks into workflow engines.

    ii) Surf will be used to develop REST-based proxies
        on the client-side.  SpringMVC controllers would invoke the proxies when
        it needs to interact with the repository.

    iii) JSP, Freemarker, and XSLT, etc. could still be used to render content for

    iv) This works at the component level.  But at the page level (where the page
         is created by rendering the content of one or more components and then laying
         out this content in a standard way according to some template), I'm still
         not sure whether Surf or SpringMVC would be used.

Does it sound right?