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Loading WebForms from the classpath

Question asked by mlathe on Aug 13, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2009 by mlathe
Does anyone know if it is possible to load WebForms from the classpath? This seems desirable to make deployment to QA and PRD environments more straightforward, as well as the possibility to use SVN/CVS to track the changes made to WebForms. (right now it looks to be on the honor system, ie that we can commit and track in SVN, but it doesn't matter, since what matters is whether an admin has uploaded the form into the Data Dictionary.

An observations that might answer the question:
  There is a lot of metadata that you need to fill out when adding a web form to the DataDictionary, ie name/Output path pattern/renditions/etc. There doesn't seem like a place to put these in the classpath. Seems like WebForms should have a system like Workflows, where you can put the "processdefinition" file into the classpath, and set the "metadata" into some context file (ie for WF alfresco/bootstrap-context.xml).