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Login and case sensitivity

Question asked by ngcutura on Aug 14, 2009
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I saw some issues like this on this forum but no replies. Here is another one:

I have Alfresco Labs 3.0 on Windows server, authentication is passthrough against existing Windows domain.
When I use FF 3.0, browser based login occurs - a window is presented and when I enter SomeUser/SomePass, Alfresco logs me in as SomeUser (this is displayed in the upper row).

However, when I use FF 3.5. form based (sic!) login occurs - a form is presented like when the browser is not recognized (FF 3.5 is younger than Alfresco 3.0 but I thought that any FF is recognized as FF by any Alfresco) - and when I enter SomeUser/SomePass, Alfresco logs me in as someuser (this is displayed in the upper window - could it be that the form lowers the case of username?).

Both 'someuser' and 'SomeUser' exist in Alfresco ('ShowAllUsers' shows both) and if they both participate in the same project, things get complicated (like they don't see their sandboxes). In this situation, I tried to restart Alfresco and it stopped, but couldn't start due to 'duplicate root entry in avm://someproject/someuser store'. I had to manually hack Derby DB and then I recreated all indices as explained in a relevant issue and Alfresco is now up and running


I can't prevent users from using FF 3.5 and FF 3.0 and entering mixed case username - and that means that I am in a big trouble… :-(

Any thoughts? Any help is very precious to me.

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