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Activities Service

Question asked by tgmweb on Aug 16, 2009
Hi guys,

At present through the JavaScript API I can create custom activities (great!). However, retrieving them seems fairly limited (you have to use the services API) and get them as an RSS feed.

Essentially, this means I can only either get my own activity feed, or use admin user to get someone elses. The problem with using admin is that the user might see stuff on the feed they're not supposed to.

Let's say I'm a member of share sites "sales, management, staff, IT, developement".

Sally, my co-worker, is a member of "staff, IT, and sales". Now I want her to see my feed, but only when feed items relate to staff, IT or sales - NOT development or management. Also I might upload a document in the staff share site - and then modify the permissions so she can't see it.

I could get the feed using admin, loop through it, check read permissions on each node ref returned from the feed, and then only display ones she can see - but that's not very practical.

Is there plans for some improvement in this area - or can I write something myself to get deeper access to the retreival side on the activities service?

Secondly - with the JavaScript API you seem to *have* to supply a site to the activities service, whereas it doesn't seem like you have to with the Java API. Well, in fact you can supply an empty string - but the post never appears in my personal feed.

Say I update my contact info - that's not really site specific, but unless I specify a site the activity never appears in my feed…