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How to disable Manage Permissions?

Question asked by sarnold on Nov 10, 2011
Hi All,

I would like to disable the Share function "Manage Permissions" for everyone (for both files and folders) excepting for System Admins or perhaps the Site owner or creator. Inside file:-


I find section:-

   <!– Manage permissions (site roles) –>
         <action id="document-manage-site-permissions" type="javascript" icon="
            <param name="function">onActionManagePermissions</param>
               <permission allow="true">ChangePermissions</permission>

         <!– Manage permissions (repository roles) –>
         <action id="document-manage-repo-permissions" type="pagelink" icon="do
            <param name="page">manage-permissions?nodeRef={node.nodeRef}</param
               <permission allow="true">ChangePermissions</permission>
            <evaluator negate="true">evaluator.doclib.action.siteBased</evaluat

Which appears to allow for this level of control. If I change "ChangePermissions" to something else then the effect is that the "Manage Permissions" option in Share is removed. But I cannot find anything that will still allow the Site Owner creator or the System Administrator to still have access to this function. I have tried changing "ChangePermissions" to Administrator, Coordinator, FullControl and even Admin. All of these seem to cause the function to be removed from Share for everybody including the system Admin account that was used to create the site.

Can anyone tell me how to disable "Manage Permissions" for all users other than the Admin or Site Owner?


Cheers Steve.