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No site Members shown in the 'person select' list

Question asked by tamarix on Nov 10, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2011 by mikeh

I am new to Alfresco, running a 4b installation on a Linux server.

I am a little bit puzzled with the way access rights are managed in Afresco as it seems to be very limited.

The latest example I have is :
I have different sites defined under a Share instance.

I have several users defined under this Share instance. Some are members of site A while others are member of site B.

I created a task list within Site A.
When adding items to that list, I can assign the task to someone.

The issues is that when I click on 'Select the person';, I get the full list of people subscribed to the share instance whereas I was expecting to get only the members of Site A.

Any way to get this solved ?

Many thanks,