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get list of rules

Question asked by vinkk on Aug 18, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2009 by vinkk

Iam trying to get list of rules under a perticular node. i use this script,

List<Rule> lists = ruleService.getRules(nodeRef);
   for (Iterator<Rule> rule = lists.iterator();rule.hasNext(); )
      Rule currentRule =;
                                System.out.println("current rule" + currentRule.getTitle());
      System.out.println("current rule" + currentRule.getDescription());
                                System.out.println("rule id" + currentRule.getNodeRef().getId());

here Title and description always null, but this "currentRule.getNodeRef().getId()" display the value correctly.

can any please help me how to get the title and description of the rule ?